About Us

Live a chemical-free approach to life that respects the planet and us.

As you know world becoming less green. And it’s very difficult to get healthy and fresh food in market after spending a lot of money. After spending money we can’t believe in quality of food.

So how is the idea! Growing food at home.

Growing food at home is a fun and money saving hobby. It’s means we can grow chemical free fruit and veggies and there‚Äôs also a feeling of great satisfaction in providing home grown food for your family and friends.

One of the major benefits of growing your own food is that you have complete control over the end product, from soil composition to chemical exposure.

Veggiehomes is an effort to bring the joys of gardening to everyone. We sell gardening products like vegetable seed, herb seed and fruit seeds, gardening tools and accessories, Bio fertilizer, Vermicompost online, across India, and also offer Landscaping & Garden Maintenance services in Panipat, Haryana.